Stylish and Durable Sandalus Grey Leathered Quartzite from Crossville Studios

Introducing our latest kitchen and bathroom project featuring the stunning grey leathered quartzite from Crossville studios! this natural stone boasts a unique texture and pattern, perfect for those seeking a modern and sophisticated design. our team has expertly crafted a space that showcases the beauty of this material while providing functionality and durability for everyday use. get ready to elevate your home with this luxurious addition!


  • Leathered quartzite is a luxurious natural stone that includes a textured appearance. This look is becoming popular by the day and is trending in the new kitchen design homes.

  • This beautiful downtown 6th floor kitchen and bathrooms was renovated and completely transformed from low level grade 3cm granite, to a luxurious 3cm quartzite with an undermount 90 degree stainless steel medium sized kitchen sink cut, fabricated, and installed by our Custom Granite Homes team.



Denver CO

May, 2023

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